OAKEN range – egg trays: these are standard throughout the range and these trays hold a variety of eggs from smallest Quail eggs through to small sized Duck eggs.  Each egg has its own ‘socket’ which perfectly holds and supports the egg throughout incubation.

We can also supply seperate trays to hold large Duck, Turkey and Goose eggs even Rhea and Ostrich eggs.  Ask for details..



Each socket gives the egg a good area around in which to breathe properly and to allow good circulation – very inportant in a forced air incubator to give proper air movement and therefore to prevent any unwelcome hotspots.

Each tray very simply slides in and out of the machine for ease of filling and for candling to check fertility, good solid contruction allowing simple cleaning.

The hatching baskets are again of a similar construction and again allow for plenty of air movement around the eggs & chicks while keeping them safe inside the basket. Easily slide in and out of the machine also for ease of use.

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